Are you thinking of relocating to Fresno? Well, you won't be the first. We have received many calls from people who are interested in relocating to Fresno.

Why relocate to Fresno?

Here’re our top 5 reasons:

1. Fresno real estate is reasonably-priced
- Lower or eliminate your mortgage payment by moving to Fresno. The median home price in Fresno was $175,000 in January 2004 while in California, it was $400,000. There are people who cashed out their equity elsewhere and retired here. Although no one can predict the future, the Fresno real estate market still has a lot of potential for growth

.2. Start your own business
- Now is the time to start the business that you’ve always been dreaming of! Small businesses thrive in Fresno. Over 86% of establishments employ 0-20 people.

3. Traffic…or lack of!
- It takes approximately 20 mins to get to most parts of town. And if you have your own small business (see Reason #2), you could be doing business in your pajamas and take the “long” walk down the hall each morning

.4. Great Weather!
- Yes, the days are hot in the summer but the evenings are very pleasant. Imagine having dinner on the patio or walking around in the evening in your shorts! In the San Francisco Bay Area, it cools down very quickly and you’d need a light jacket even in the summer.

5. Save Mart Center, Fresno State, etc.
- With the newly-built Save Mart Center, we can only expect bigger and better concerts in Fresno. And if you are interested in taking classes for personal growth, choices range from Fresno State to Fresno City College to Fresno Pacific University, Fresno Adult School, Heald College, San Joaquin College of Law, San Joaquin Valley College, etc.

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