RSS Feeds

The internet world is constantly changing and the latest products are the blog and RSS feed...so much so that Merriam-Webster.com's most searched-for definition in 2004 was for the word "blog". The RSS feed is just starting to catch on.

Anyway, here are answers to some common questions regarding those two products.

What is a blog?

From the word "web log", a blog is really an online journal. Anyone can start a blog on any topic they desire.

What is RSS?

"RSS" stands for Really Simple Syndication. That doesn't help much, does it? We were initially confused as well.

RSS is really a method for Web publishers to provide regular updates such as latest news highlights or top stories.

How do you read these RSS Feeds?

Well, first you need a software that reads these RSS feeds. Luckily there's some available for free. The two that we are aware of are Feedreader and RSS Reader.

We currently use Feedreader. Downloading was quick and easy. We tried downloading RSS Reader as well but it requires that you have Microsoft .NET framework. It's ok if you already have that installed but if not, you will have to download that first. We had trouble downloading the Microsoft .NET software so decided to abandon RSS Reader.

What does the Feedreader screen look like?

Feedreader looks a lot like an email software (e.g. microsoft outlook). The news feeds that you subscribe to are on the left hand side, like email folders.

By clicking on each of the news feed, you will see all the published highlights for that feed on your right hand side (where your emails would be).

One thing we like is that once you minize the Feedreader screen, it "sits" hidden discreetly on the bottom right hand corner of the toolbar. And it alerts you when it receives a new update on any of the feeds you subscribe.

What's the benefit of subscribing to a RSS Feed?

The first benefit is that the news you're interested in are delivered to you instead of you having to go out to the individual websites.

Let's say you subsribe to our RSS feed because you want to keep in touch with the Fresno real estate related news.

Well, each time we write an update, the Feedreader will picks it up automatically and it'll sit in the feed folder until you decide to read it

You will not have to remember to come back to our website to check the blog each time. Another benefit is no spam.

Unlike a newsletter, you do not have to provide an email address to subscribe to an RSS Feed!

How to subsribe to our Fresno real estate RSS Feed?

1. First you have to download a RSS reader e.g Feedreader or RSS Reader, etc. Find one that you like.

2. Open the RSS feed reader software.

3. Right click on the orange XML button below and click on Copy Shortcut.

RSS Feed

4. In the RSS feed reader screen, click on Add New Feed

.5. Right click again and Paste the feed URL into the box.

6. Click OK and you've added our Fresno real estate feed!

What other feeds can you subscribe to?

Most of the major news websites now have RSS feeds you can subscribe to such as Yahoo News, CNN, Reuters, Washington Post, etc. It is a great way to keep in touch with what's happening locally and around the world.